Term: One Year.  Effective On July 1st Following Election

The President conducts all official business for the Association and presides over all meetings of the Association.

The President has these responsibilities for one-day meetings and/or conferences:

  • Invite conference participants in coordination with the Conference Chair.
  • Invite the President and membership of the South Carolina Association of Coordinators of Veterans Affairs to participate and/or jointly host annual conferences.
  • Coordinate the use of complimentary hotel rooms and/or rooms paid for by the Association with the Conference Chair. Suggested priority for assigning the complimentary rooms are:
  1. Keynote speaker / NC ELR
  2. President
  3. Conference chair
  • Open and preside over one-day meetings and conferences.
  • Introduce special guests during sessions.
  • Publicly thank Executive Board members, hotel staff, committee chairs and members who make significant contributions to one-day meeting and/or conference success.
  • Pass the gavel to the President Elect.  Serve as mentor to the President-Elect.

The President is responsible for leading the Executive Board. He/she should:

  • Meet with the Executive Board prior to each one-day meeting and/or conference for a transition meeting.
  • Review conference evaluations prepared by the Secretary and formulate plans to address areas of concern.
  • Jointly set goals with the Executive Board, based on the President’s vision and goals for the year.
  • Maintain consistent contact with Executive Board Members and committee chairs – telephone, email, in person.
  • Receive reports at each board meeting – and updates in between as necessary.
  • Maintain contact with committee Chairs.  The committee Chairs report directly to the President and include the following positions:
  1. Conference Chair
  2. Historian
  3. Mentoring Chair
  4. Web Page Liaison
  • Work closely with the Conference Chair to ensure the Association’s one-day meetings and conferences are well-planned.
  • Work closely with the Historian to ensure the Association’s historical records are updated and transferred for storage, as needed, to the North Carolina State Approving Agency.
  • Work closely with the Mentoring Chair to ensure that Association Members are aware of mentoring possibilities, ensuring a network of mentors are available to new certifying officials.
  • Work closely with the Website Liaison to ensure the Association’s web site,, is up-to-date and relevant.
  • Work closely with the President-Elect, Treasurer, Treasurer-Elect, and Secretary to ensure communication to facilitate the ongoing operation and vitality of the Association.

The President will:

  • Establish the calendar for meetings.
  • Notify Executive Board members and membership at large, in coordination with the Conference Chair, about meeting locations, dates, and times.
  • Prepare the agenda for one-day meetings, conferences, and board meetings in coordination with Conference Chair and Executive Board
  • Outline his/her goals for the year.
  • Conduct meetings according to Roberts Rules of Order.
  • Submit a bi-yearly newsletter to the Association membership.
  • Serve as the Legislative Advisory Chair, always representing the NCACVA position instead of his/her own institutional perspective.
  • In conjunction with the Treasurer, the President authorizes expenditures.
  • Keep in close contact with the Treasurer to ensure that the Association remains fiscally sound.
  • Check ledgers, checkbooks, and other financial records.
  • Sign and verify all expense vouchers.
  • Forward his/her expense vouchers to the President-Elect for verification and signature.
  • Ensure that Board members have the information they need to make informed decisions.
  • Ensure that all new Executive Board members get a copy of their job description.



Past President

Term: One Year.  Effective On July 1st Following Election

The Past President is responsible for the audit of all financial records for the Association. He/she will audit the Association’s financial records each year, transferring the records from the outgoing Treasurer to the incoming Treasurer or Treasurer-Elect.

The Past President will also:

  • Serve as a contributing member of the Association’s Executive Board
  • Assist at one-day meetings and conferences, as needed
  • Serve as the Nominating and Sponsorship Chair
  • Assume the duties of President, as required, in the absence of the President or President-Elect





Term: One Year.  Effective On July 1st Following Election

The President-Elect serves as the Parliamentarian and is the understudy to the President.

The President-Elect will:

  • Sit beside the President at Executive Board meetings.
  • Be familiar with meeting agendas.
  • Present a plaque of appreciation, ordered by the Historian, to the outgoing President at annual conference.
  • Perform all duties of the President in his/her absence.
  • Succeed to the office of the President in the event of a vacancy in that office.



Conference Chair

 The Conference Chair, along with the President, is responsible for the planning, organization and successful implementation of Association conferences.

The Conference Chair will:

  • Work closely with the President in the planning and implementation of the Association’s annual conference.
  • Work closely with the Conference Chair of the South Carolina Association of Coordinators of Veterans Affairs to successfully plan and implement two-state conferences.
  •  Participate in meetings to represent conference planning interests and to keep the President and Executive Board informed of planning issues and activities relating to the annual conference.
  •  Assist the President in identifying potential candidates for the position of conference chair for the next term.

Specific conference duties will include:

  • Assisting the Executive Board in determining appropriate venues for future years’ conferences
  • Ensuring the current year’s hotel contract is reviewed, reasonable, and signed
  • Coordinating Team sub-committees on conference planning with the President, including working with exhibitors, presenters, on-site registration, technical, and hotel staff
  • Updating the Association through the Association’s website and list-serv on the upcoming conference information and registration materials
  • Soliciting session proposals from the Executive Board and membership
  • Arranging the schedule of sessions selected by the Executive Board, including rooms and AV/tech needs
  • Serve as principal trouble-shooter and problem-solver for conference attendees, presenters and exhibitors
  • Manage the set-up and implementation of the hospitality table, travel and tourism information on the local area and attractions and organize local directions and transportation information.
  • Assist in the training of subsequent conference chair.
  • Ensure, along with the President, that the following assignments are covered and communicated between Executive Board members in advance of one-day meetings and/or conferences:

To Do List for NCACVA Conferences

                                            What                                                                                          Responsible                                                                  Done

Conference Program President/Conference Chair  
Conference at a Glance President/Conference Chair  
Copy Business Meeting Agenda Secretary  
Copy Minutes – Business for Business Meeting Secretary  
Name Tags Secretary  
Receipts for Registration Fees Treasurer or Treasurer-Elect  
Area Visitor Information Conference Chair  
Gifts for Presenters – 14 Past-President  
Data Projector for Computer/Other AV Equipment Conference Chair/Secretary  
Signs/Holders for Mentoring Tables Past-President  
Laptop to use for presentations Conference Chair  
Any Notices to Association Members President  
Printer for Registration Treasurer/Treasurer-Elect/Secretary  
Raffle Tickets Treasurer/Secretary  
Color Guard President/Conference Chair  
Evaluation Forms -300 Secretary  
Purchase of gift cards Treasurer  
Wireless or microphones with stands for moderators to use for people who want to ask questions Secretary  
Retirees Certificates Historian/Secretary  
Memorial Powerpoint Conference Chair  
Decorations for reception All Executive Board Members  
Plaque for Outgoing President Historian/President-Elect  






Term: One Year.  Effective On July 1st Following Election

The Secretary records all Association business.

The Secretary will:

  • Take minutes of all Association business meetings.
  • Distribute copies of minutes to board members and all members (from annual business meeting). Distribution can be via the website with an announcement on the NC ELR listserv.
  • Keep highly organized official copies of reports, minutes, etc. from the prior years in the Secretary’s briefcase (which are not yet archived).
  • Assist the Historian with preparing documents and records for archiving.
  • Access archived records as needed. The North Carolina State Approving Agency stores NCACVA archives as a courtesy to the Association.
  • Update Association Constitution and Bylaws as directed by President and Executive Board.
  • Maintain copies of the Association’s Constitution and Bylaws
  • Maintain copies of the Association’s Job Descriptions
  • Create, distribute, analyze and share results of conference evaluations with the President and Executive Board
  • Create name tags for one-day meetings and conferences
  • Assist the Treasurer and Treasurer-Elect with on-site conference registration
  • Serve as a conference floater, assisting with technology, crowd control/support, raffles, and microphone coordination for questions and answers.





Term: Two Year.  Effective On July 1st Following Election

The Treasurer handles financial transactions of the Association.

The Treasurer will:

  • Maintain the Association’s checkbook: income and expenses must be recorded in a timely fashion. This includes: membership dues, conference fees, interest earned on account(s), income from agencies, miscellaneous income, expenses paid by the Association.
  • Provide financial reports and information about budget status to the President and Association Membership at least annually – and more often as required/requested.
  • Provide written financial report at each Executive Board meeting and conference. Reports should include a balance sheet and actual income & expenses vs. budgeted income & expenses.
  • At the conclusion of his/her term, the Treasurer shall promptly deliver all financial records to the Past President for audit.
  • Allow access to financial records to the President, Executive Board, and/or Membership as requested.
  • Submit expenditure requests to the President for approval if those expenditures exceed $1,000.
  • Keep financial records current.
  • Write receipts promptly.
  • Write checks to cover expenditures promptly.
  • Require receipts.
  • Balance the ledger accounts to the bank balance on a monthly basis.
  • Not make any checks payable to “cash.”
  • Maintain financial accounts with the State Employees’ Credit Union of North Carolina.

The Treasurer has additional responsibilities related to the Association’s conferences:

  • Prior to the conference, keep a log of all persons paying membership dues, deposit this income promptly.
  • Keep a log of all persons paying conference registration fees, deposit this income promptly, and inform the President and Conference Chair about paid registrations.
  • Review bills related to the conference with the President and Conference Chair.





Term: Two Year.  Effective On July 1st Following Election

The overall function of the Treasurer-Elect is to assist the Treasurer in all duties. This will allow the individual to gain the experience needed to effectively hold the office of Treasurer. The Treasurer-Elect shall have signatory authorization for any checking accounts, CD’s or other financial instruments and/or investments.

The Treasurer-Elect will:

  • Be available to meet with the Treasurer in order to assist in conference and membership registration, checking account reconciliations, and bank deposits. The frequency of these visits shall be determined by the Treasurer and Treasurer-Elect.
  • Assist the Treasurer with onsite registration during one-day meetings and the annual conference
  • Serve as Membership Chair for the Association
  • Coordinate annual dues invoicing
  • Assume the duties and responsibilities of Treasurer if the Treasurer becomes unable to perform his/her duties