While I do not have any new information to share, I have been getting quite a few questions so I wanted to give everyone a heads up that big changes are coming to study abroad.  Unfortunately I cannot answer any questions regarding the changes for you at this time. VA Central Office touched on Study Abroad during the December Webinar and this is the only information I have at this time. That webinar is posted on the GI Bill website and I encourage you to take a look at it.

Per that webinar, traditional study abroad, where a student is enrolled at a US based school and attends a course or term abroad will not be payable effective 8/1 except under two scenarios per the webinar: Instructor Led Training and the traditional Parent/Guest school scenario.

Please note, with a Parent/Guest school scenario the foreign guest school must be approved in its own right.  If that school is not in WEAMS then it will need to seek approval from VA.  All Foreign school approvals are handled out of the Buffalo processing office – not by the State Approving Agencies. Please also understand that foreign schools have no deemed approved programs.  Each program must be specifically approved by the Foreign School ELR for it to be payable.

I hope we will get more information in the coming months and/or that more information will be provided to me at the National ELR conference with VA Central Office at the end of April.  Once I have any new information to share I will send out a follow up bulletin.