As many of you will recall a discussion came up at the All School’s meeting in March regarding the certifiability of co-requisite remedial courses.

Two question came out of that discussion:

Question: If a student fails the co-requisite class but passes the curriculum/gateway class and the school allows the student to progress without repeating the co-requisite class can the co-req be certified?

Example: A student is enrolled in ENG-011 (co-req rem/def) and ENG-111 this fall. The student passes ENG-111 and fails ENG-011.  The school does allow the student to move forward and take ENG-112.  Can ENG-011 be certified?

Answer: Yes. As long as the other requirements are met, such as the school requires the student to take ENG-011 and ENG-011 is offered as a resident course, then it can be certified to VA.

NOTE: The enactment of S.3503 signed into law on 3/21/2020, temporarily allows remedial/deficiency courses that were converted from resident to distance due to the pandemic to be certified to VA for terms beginning before 12/21/20.  See IHL FAQ #5 for additional details.    

Question: If the co-req can be certified does the SCO need to adjust the cert in VA Once if the student fails the co-req course.

Answer: No.  As is the rule for any remedial/deficiency course, as long as the student attends the course for the full term no adjustments are necessary in VA Once if the student fails the co-req course.