This important change in how VA is defining resident courses vs distance courses was brought to my attention in a rush of emails from SCOs.  VACO, once again, has not provided anything regarding this change to the ELRs.  Were it not for SCOs emailing with questions I would not even know about it.

In reading over the fact sheet it appears that its pretty straight forward however – for terms beginning on/after 8/15/19, if the course  has at least one class session during the term it should be certified as resident.  While this is great for our VA students, unfortunately, if you have certified based on the old rules you do have to adjust the fall cert if your fall term begins on/after 8/15/19.

Greetings School Certifying Officials,

For all terms beginning on or after August 15, 2019, School Certifying Officials (SCOs) will certify all courses which combine classroom instruction and distance learning (commonly known as hybrid courses) as in-residence training.

These procedures are not retroactive and terms beginning on or before August 14, 2019, will not be amended to account for these changes.

If your school has already submitted terms beginning on or after August 15, 2019, these terms must be reviewed and amended to ensure the proper certification of `in-residence’ and `distance’ credits.

The attached factsheet provides additional information and clarifying examples. If you have questions regarding this procedural change – or if you have a clarification request of whether a course should be certified as in-residence or distance –contact your Education Liaison Representative (ELR) of jurisdiction for assistance.