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Spring 2017 Conference

ABC’s of VA Certification
America Serves
CELO Education Update
Department of Veterans Affairs Debt Management Center
Education Services Office
GI Bill Overview
How to Survive Your Compliance Survey
Ins and Outs of VA Once
Measurement & Pay Issues for NCD Programs
My VA – Putting Veterans First
North Carolina State Approving Agency
Residency Determination Service
Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment
Work Study Overview

Spring 2016: All Schools Meeting

ABC’s of VA Certification
Education Services Office (ESO)
Role of the NCSAA

VA Once & the GI Bill Website
Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment

Fall 2015: Rolling on the River with VA in Wilmington

ABC’s of Certification – NCD Schools
ABC’s of VA Certification
ABC’s of VA Once & the GI Bill
CELO Update
Education Services Office
Education Service Update
GI Bill Overview
Green Zone Program
Ins and Outs of VA Once
Measurement & Pay Issues
North Carolina State Approving Agency
SCO Trng Workshop-VA Once Basic Training

School Tuition Debt Payment Procedures
Work Study 2015

Atlanta RPO Conference 2015

Basic Duties of an SCO
Best Practices for SCOs
Ch. 33 Fiscal
Debt Management Center Update
Education Service Update
History & General Overview of VA
History Role of SAA
IHL Flight Training
IHL Measurement & Pay
IHL- NCD Compliance
NCD Measurement & Pay
OJT-App Basic Duties of SCO
OJT-App Compliance Survey
OJT-App Measurement Pay & Entitlement Issues
Overview of Education Benefit
Post 9/11 GI Bill Topics
Role of SAAs (NC Break-Out)
Section 702
Special Processing Issues
Specific Topics of Post 9/11-IHL
Specific Topics of Post 9/11-NCD
VACO Application to Graduation
VACO ARNG Update as of March 24, 2015
VRE-RPO Outreach Briefing
VAOnce Basic Training
Work Study Allowance
XYZ Refresher Training

Spring 2014: VA Shamrocking in Greensboro

Debt Management
VA Once
VR&E Program Overview
Issues Facing Student Veterans
NCD Breakout
ABC’s of the GI Bill Website & VA Once
New Certifying Officials Training
Bureau update 2014

Comp Survey Records 2014
VA Work-Study
Washington Update

Regional Processing Office (RPO) Update
North Carolina State Approving Agency

Fall 2014

ABC’s All Schools
All American Veterans Center
All Schools xyzs

ESO VA Rep Brief
NC SAA Davidson Conference