Education Liaison Representative Bulletins

School Closings and On-line Classes due to COVID-19

Please see the information below put out by VA Central Office regarding the COVID-19 situation. This is the only information we have at the is time so I will probably not be able to address questions that you may have that have not been covered below.
With regard to the last bullet, it seems that not all states SAA’s have […]

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Coronavirus and School Closures

As things currently stand VA staff are on a 60 day travel ban effective today. If you have compliance surveys scheduled with VA employees please be watching your email and/or phone messages for contact regarding those surveys.  Our national ELR/ECSS conference next month has also been postponed so some of the issues that I mentioned yesterday that I had […]

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Yellow Ribbon Updated FAQs

We will soon be coming up on Yellow Ribbon season and I wanted to share an updated FAQ put out by VA Central Office.
Updated Frequently Asked Questions On the Yellow Ribbon Program 2020-21  Academic Year (pdf)
The two important questions/answers I wanted to point out that have been better clarified in the attached are Numbers 23 and 28:
Question 23.  Can a […]

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Required SCO Training & VASERVES 2020 Update

Most of the questions you may have were covered in the January 29 VACO webinar and in the Q&A provided in that webinar. If you were unable to attend that webinar please review it.  It is available on the GI Bill website for you to review or can be reached via:

Please note/understand the following:

VACO will always require online training […]

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