Co-Requisite Course Certifiability Update

As many of you will recall a discussion came up at the All School’s meeting in March regarding the certifiability of co-requisite remedial courses.
Two question came out of that discussion:
Question: If a student fails the co-requisite class but passes the curriculum/gateway class and the school allows the student to progress without repeating the co-requisite class can the co-req be […]

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Updated Online SCO Handbook Published

The Procedures team is pleased to announce version 6 of the SCO Handbook is available as an on-line Handbook. In addition to this Handbook becoming an on-line resource, content was updated on the following topics: Rounding-out, Fry Scholarship, SCO Training Requirements and we removed the majority of outdated chapter 1607 references.
Please note: Rounding out is being phased out and will […]

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Pass/Fail courses Clarification

The current situation with COVID-19 has brought to light that there has been confusion about the approvability and certifiability of Pass/Fail courses, as well as how they are treated by VA so the SAA and I felt we needed to put out clarified information regarding Pass/Fail courses. As this also relates to our co-requisite remedial/deficiency courses they have been […]

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Update to FAQ’s

Yesterday there were updates to Questions 1 and 2 for IHLs and Questions 2 and 3 for NCDs.
This is a dynamic situation, and as we continue to implement Senate Bill 3503 (signed into law March 21, 2020) and as the situation continues to develop VA Central Office may have more information available for you.
At this time, though, VA requests […]

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