Type and level of Degree:

  • VA needs to know the type of degree being awarded.  So you should enter a program with the type of degree and the program name. For ex, enter it as ‘AAS criminal Justice’ and not just ‘Criminal Justice’ or “criminal Justice associates.’
  • If a claims examiner has asked you about a deemed approved program you have certified and you email me to request that it be added to WEAMS please let me know the degree type (ie AAS, BS, MA etc) and not just the program name.


This is important if you are a university offering associates, bachelors and masters etc, as VA needs to know what level of degree the student is pursuing but it is even more important if you have an NCD program that has the same or similar name.  For ex: you have a Collision Repair and Refinishing degree and a diploma program with that name.  If you certify a student who is in the degree program but the cert just says ‘Collision Repair and Refinishing’ for the program name VA will likely reach out to question if it’s a degree or the diploma program the student is in.
  • SCOs often accidently cert NCDs as undergrad (esp at comm colleges) so the claims examiner can’t rely on the cert stating undergrad to assume the student is in an associates program if the program name does not specify the degree being awarded.
  • Please ensure when entering programs in VA Once that you are correctly entering them as IHL (degree) or NCD (certificate or diploma) AND choosing the correct IHL or NCD codes.  For NCD programs the Objective code (level of program) and course code (program name) should be the same.  For an IHL the Objective code should reflect the level of degree (ie associates, bachelors etc) and the course code should reflect the name of the program.
NOTE: The course codes were developed many years ago so if you cannot find anything that closely matches your program use one of the Not Elsewhere Classified codes.
  • Please also make sure you are choosing the correct Training Type on the student’s BIO screen as IHL or NCD.


NOTE: the name you enter under “abbreviation” on your standard programs page in  VA Once does not print on the cert VA receives. Only the name you enter for Program Name does.
  • Due to character limitations and for the simple fact of entering less keystrokes, as I have several hundred schools to maintain in WEAMS, I generally do not spell out the degree name.  For ex, I enter AA Music not Associate of Art in Music.
  • Please enter your programs in VA once using the degree abbreviations when possible, as I am finding that if you enter Associate of Art in Music but I have entered AA Music in WEAMS the claims examiners have been questioning if it is the same program.  Some do not appear to know the degree abbreviations and I cannot go back and change them all in WEAMS to spell them out unfortunately.